4shared Review


Even if you haven’t used 4shared personally, you have definitely came across the name of the service while randomly downloading stuffs from the internet. The 4shared team developed this simple service with a view to making data storage and data sharing easier and quicker to their worldwide users and subscribers.

The company started their journey back in 2005 and throughout the years, has gained great acceptance to the online users mostly because of their user friendly software interface and high quality service for data storage and sharing. To put it in a box, 4shared is a website which offers basic online data sharing and cloud solution for any type of data.

4Shared Homepage

The Pricing Plans

4shared offers two different pricing plans – Free Plan The Premium Plan. For perfect utilization of 4shared for commercial data sharing operations, the free flan falls a bit short of many important tools.

The premium plan offers a number of excellent features suitable for your business or home use. Premium users can use up to 1 TB of online storage space in 4shared. However, the maximum file size that can stored or shared using the 4shared premium account is restricted to a maximum of 5 GB.

4Shared Pricing Plans

Starting with 4shared

4shared application is extremely easy and simple to install. There is no reason to worry about virus attacks or any other technical hassle. Right clicking on the Download button will initiate the downloading procedure, which does not require more than a few seconds.

After downloading the setup file, run the program and specify the destination folder for 4shared software. The installation will be complete within a few minutes. I liked the simple installation process and anyone with zero experience can handle the installation without having to go through complex guidelines.

How to monitor your files on 4shared

4shared is an online data storage and sharing service which offers a good number of administering tools. The statistics and survey of each file that you have ever uploaded to the 4shared server will be recorded on the version history. These statistics display detailed information on file size, format, date of creation and modification along with number of views and downloads. With a couple of more clicks, details of a specific account can also be viewed.

4shared Features


4shared offers the option to customize your own preferences. You get to choose the relocation, copy, rename or remove any file stored on the 4shared server. The background on your 4shared can also be personalized as you want for making it much more attractive and comfortable to use.

Sharing Files

The 4shared sharing feature allows uploading, downloading and sharing any type of file in the shortest possible time supported by your internet provider. The 4shared email service allows you to share any particular file with other people on 4shared.

There are also easy-to-send links which can be attached to an email and the user can instantly access the shared files by just clicking on the link. This entire process is automated and you won’t have to do a thing.

4Shared Desktop

Sharing Photos

4shared photo sharing feature allows the users to upload photos using automated thumbnails. You can create your own photo album and share them with anyone. 4shared also features photo community launching and maintains a record for the number of times each photo has been viewed.

Sharing Document

You can upload and share any documents in the 4shared cloud without having to worry about the size limit or the firewalls in your email. A comprehensive structure arranges the document folders making it more presentable for any project you’re working on.

Sharing Music & Video

4shared allows you to store unlimited music and video files compiling them safely in the 4shared cloud. If you wish, you can also create your own music album with your most favorite songs. All will be uploaded and stored in your cloud account.

Data Security

Although the most advanced security features on 4shared are limited to the premium account holders, 4shared still offers a password protection featureto ensure that no one can access your data without authorization. Malwares and virus attacks will never be an issue since 4shared imposes extra security layerto protect your files from any such threat.

Help and Support

The 4shared webpage features an in-depth FAQs page that will probably answer all the questions you have about their services. These questions cover all issues including all the general information on storing and sharing your data. On their website, you’ll also find a quick tour through 4shared services for getting acquainted with all important tools and features they offer. I really appreciate how the online support team of 4shared responds positively in case of any emergency.

4Shared Versions

Why 4shared is awesome?

  • 4shared ensures the total security of your data against any potential malware or virus threat.
  • 4shared allows storing and sharing data in any format you want.

What are the flaws?

  • There is no MS Outlook plugin for incorporating the service into your Outlook account for using contacts information.
  • It does not offer adding an instant-upload widget to your own websites like Dropbox.

4shared is a free application supporting all file types. It offers all the features required for a fast upload and download process, with scheduled backup system for your account. With all its perfect features, 4shared has introduced its users to a whole new domain of communication. Learn what CNET has to say about 4shared.

I appreciate their user friendly outlook, comfortable navigation and absolute reliability. 4shared will definitely uplift your efficiency and productivity whatever purpose you use it for. However, if you’re looking for a permanent cloud storage solution for both home and business use, check out JustCloud!