Who We Are

We help people change their minds about how
they store, view and share their files.

Who We Are

We help people change their minds about how they store, view and share their files.

When we started working in IT back in the 90’s it was a different world – the Internet had not yet fully developed and memory and storage was scarce and very expensive. Getting a gigabyte of storage would costs thousands of dollars, let alone storing files in a network-like fashion so that they would be accessible from anywhere.

Today, a lot has changed. The Internet has given rise to a myriad of cloud businesses from B2C to B2B and the way we think about our files and how we access them has changed dramatically. Who would have thought that we could synchronize all our files across multiple devices for a couple of dollars per month? Certainly, start-ups such as Dropbox made file sharing and syncing easier and the term “cloud storage” became more popular than ever. Of course, the success of Dropbox’s business model results more businesses entering the same niche trying to compete for customers – just like you and me.

We have monitored the cloud development right  from its infancy. As we both have experience in IT and we love to geek around trying lots of new things we soon were the main hub for our friends when it came to storing files / backing up data to the cloud. We have tried literally dozens of services, have uploaded hundreds of gigabytes of data and tried to break the information down for our friends and family.

That was the moment we said: wait a minute… if our friends find that information useful why can’t we distribute that information globally on an easy to use website where we continuously rank the best cloud storage services? Well, you can find the result right here. We have written reviews about the best services, drafted articles around the most requested topics such as:

Kathryn aka “Katy” James

profilI’m a crackerjack computer geek right from the beginning. Proud owner of the first Macintosh 128K I never used anything else if I didn’t have to. Unfortunately, in the IT world there is still a lot of Windows going on. Also, I’m a proud mom of two beautiful children (eight and ten) who really gave me a whole new perspective on life. I guess my friends would describe me as anti risk averse (if there is such a thing) and I’m always in for a good joke (even about myself).

Monica aka “Money” Fennell

profil2Yeah, I know it’s strange people call me “Money” – I don’t know where that comes from the be honest. I will post here under Monica however, so that there are no misunderstandings ;). Just like Katy I have an IT background – masters degree in computer science – specializing in network technology. If you now think: how boring! I can totally relate to that. I always worked in big IT corporations and occasionally give lecture at the University (which I honestly prefer). Together with Kathryn I dedicate time to this project in my spare time when I’m not traveling with my husband.

Our Mission

As we’ve stated above it is our mission to change your mind about how you may or may not think about cloud storage and your files. If you think storing your files online is cumbersome, dangerous or just not necessary – stick with us as we will show you how easy it is to set up your first cloud storage system that will be low maintenance and secure.


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  1. would be great if your cloud services review would bear a date/time stamp, so readers are aware how outdated it might be.

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