Backblaze Review


An affordable cloud storage solution is the talk of the day. And Backblaze is one of the top contenders! If you’re looking for an online storage service which offers absolute protection to all your sensitive digital data, Backblaze is a great choice. With Backblaze, you don’t have to worry about losing your precious data ever again. If you have an internet connection, you need nothing more to access, view and restore your data from any part of the world.

Backblaze is an amazing cloud storage service that I’ve been using for nearly 2 years. It’s a very intuitive software, never conflicting with any of my applications. The continuous development and introduction of new features, is something people always look for in a cloud service. Backblaze is a service which allows you to restore hundreds of gigabytes of data, that you can also get shipped to you via DHL!

The business strategy of Backblaze focuses on core backups. It does not support syncing or sharing. This is actually not a very big problem when your main requirement is a cloud backup. You can use Backblaze for backing up the data on your device and use other applications for syncing and sharing.

Backblaze Pricing Plan
Storage Monthly 1 Year 2 Years
Unlimited $ 5 Save 17%
$ 50
$ 60
Save 21%
$ 95
$ 120

Quick Pros & Cons


  • The price is very affordable
  • The software is easy to use
  • Backblaze offers unlimited data backup
  • There is no individual file size restriction
  • Zero extra charge for backing up external hard drives


  • Does not have technical support over phone
  • Does not support sharing or syncing files

The price offered by Backblaze is undoubtedly very competitive at $5 per month with unlimited data backup accompanied by no restriction on file size. Upfront payment for a year or two reduces the price more. When the price plan is compared to its other competitors in the market, the standard features offered by Backblaze will be seen to be more expensive on other cloud service packages. This also includes the external hard drive backup support.

One of the most impressive features of Backblaze is its backup speed information window. This feature allows to check out the file transfer speeds as well as note the data usage. My data transfer screen showed 35 to 45 GB per day, which is great. I’ll always know how much time I would need to complete a backup session.

Backblaze Control Panel

Backblaze allows you to backup any sort of file from your computer and this is not restricted to documents only. You can backup music, videos, spreadsheets and anything you need to store up in the cloud. The company provides unlimited data space with high security feature and an incredible service. Since there is no limit to the volume of data backup, the customers never have to pay extra for exceeding the usage limit.

Software Installation

The installation process for Backblaze is very quick and easy and can be completed in just a couple of minutes. After installation, the settings can be configured for getting the software up and running very fast. The software moves to the background for backing up the data on your computer.

The settings option allows you to specify the drives which need to be backed up, set the backup speeds and also turn on scheduled backups. The scheduled backup plan includes continuous backup or timed backups. The exclusion of certain files and folders can be specified and you can also set the security using a private encryption. Backblaze allows you to view the reports, event logs and all other information related to your data backup. The interface is laid out on a very simple layout and you won’t have to look around for finding what you need.

Backblaze Preferences

File Backup

The file backup process is very simple and to be honest, I was very amazed when I was able to back up 25GB of data on the very first day of installing this software. That is a really big volume of data. Besides, I faced no problem while backing up my data ever since.

Scheduled Backup

File Restore

After backing up all the data, you can log in to the Backblaze website and make sure that all your files are there. The files are organized in exactly the same order as they were in your computer. Every drive, including your external hard drive will be backed up. Usually the cloud service providers offer external hard drive backup as an add-on, but not with Backblaze. It comes with the standard plan in this service. From the website, you can easily restore anything you need and the file restoration process is also a piece of cake.

You can download all the files directly from the website. If the volume of your data is too big, you can get them restored to a hard drive or flash drive at a very cheap cost.

Backblaze Restore


Backblaze features top notch security for your data. The data is encrypted before it is transferred to the Backblaze server. After that, the encrypted files are secured safely in the data center of Backblaze for another layer of security encryption and then stored on highly protected drives. Automatic background encryption combines industry grade private, public and symmetrical methods for ensuring the maximum security of your data. How much does it cost to repair or recover your data? Read on Cloud Tweaks.

Backblaze Private Encryption

Backblaze is an excellent cloud storage service at a very affordable price. Their unlimited backup plans with unlimited individual file size is a complete package in a very competitive market. The software is flawless and very flexible with its customizable settings. To wrap it up, even at such a low price, Backblaze offers great features and is definitely worth a try!