How to Backup Your Data in the Cloud


Cloud storage systems are the most modern form of data storage. What is cloud storage? It’s a data server on the internet. Large companies own these servers offering different services to us users – mostly data storage and sharing directly on and from the internet. Data storage is basically the main objective of a cloud storage service. Starting from music files to images or confidential documents, a cloud storage service backs up all your important data on the web.

This alleviates the need for physical hard drives. Cloud storage is extremely convenient and cost-effective. It protects your precious data, keeping it safe on a remote server, along with offering automated backup, data synchronization and data access from any smart device connected to the internet.

How To Back Up Your Data In The Cloud

Backing up your data in the cloud is a very simple process. How you’re going to do it depends upon the type of cloud service you’re going to use. The basic process involves you uploading your data on a cloud server and then downloading it whenever you want. Now some cloud services have desktop clients for uploading and downloading this data.

Some cloud services offer web portals so you can access your data and modify them as you wish, directly from your browser. Nearly all these cloud services allow data sharing with your friends and family and most of the services have mobile applications allowing you to access and modify data on the go. For using a cloud service, you need to have an account on that server and you’ll have to pay for the premium plans, if the freemium ones do not serve your purpose.

In this article, I have portrayed the basic methods for backing up your precious data on the cloud using some of our most preferred cloud storage services. For an average customer, cloud computing is a very new and different tech-tool. You must make sure to explore the offers and services in order to find the best one that servers your purpose.

If you’re looking for the best option available out there, here are some popular services I recommend to my friends and family – there are some drawbacks when you’re the only one in your family who really knows about cloud storage.

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A Comparison Of The Best Cloud Storage Services

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Choosing The Best Cloud Service

When you’re looking to back up your data in the cloud the first and foremost consideration should be to find a service that fits your needs. These are some of the points you would want to consider.

Appropriate Security Standards

Do some research on the security standards of the cloud service you’re opting for. It’s important to note that a company has well reputed security policies. When you’re using a cloud service for backing up your personal or confidential data, the last thing you would want is a security breach!

Storage Space

Make sure that you know how much space you would need for backing up your data. Be practical and look for a cloud service with flexible data plans. Always remember that depending on your requirement, you will be charged!

Data Encryption

Once you’re data has been uploaded in the cloud, is it encrypted? To know if it is, you’ll probably need to check out the terms of service! In most cases, the cloud data is not encrypted meaning that anyone can check out your files of he has high level access to the data server. Unless the data server is encrypted from external users, it’s wise not to use that particular cloud service. Check out PCWorld’s article on cloud security.

Understand Shared Access

It’s important to have a very clear idea as to how your data is shared from your cloud folder. Many cloud services allow access to your data to other people, too. Get in the details and know exactly how this works. Can those people only read these files? Or can they modify them too? Will you be notified of any modifications? Can you make these files public? Will your personal information be shared along with those files too?

Options In Case Of Data Loss

What if the cloud provider has been hacked somehow and you lose all your data? In most cases, there is nothing to do. The cloud storage service providers usually make you sign a terms and conditions page before you start using the service. Don’t just sign up right away. Be sure of what you’re signing up for.

Tips For A Safe Backup

Even after finding the best cloud service for you, it’s extremely important to keep your data absolutely safe. These are some general tips that might be very helpful:

Use A Strong Password

Make sure that you’re using a very strong password and not something like your pet name or a birth date. Mix up the cases and use some numbers or symbols as well. Make your passwords long enough. Short passwords are easier to hack, although if the hacker is a good one, it won’t really matter in the end!

Avoid Reusing Passwords

It’s not a wise idea to reuse your passwords. It’s a good idea to use a password which is completely different from the passwords you use for your email or Facebook. That way, a hacker can get into any account you’re using. That’s scary!

Never Share Your Passwords

Even if it’s your most trusted friend, it’s a really bad idea to keep them informed of your password. A secret never stays a secret and might break free someday. Always remember, your password is the key to all your information. Keep it safe!

Backup Your Backup

You’re already using a cloud service for your backups, then why would you need to have a backup for that again? Well, nothing in this world is permanent. Anything might happen any time. And so it’s for your own good that you keep a backup of your backup on some local hard drive or even on some other cloud service. Long live your cloud data!