Best Multiuser Cloud Storage Providers


Best Multiuser Cloud Storage Providers

Electronic technology is developing at a breathtaking pace. With time, we are moving towards a trend to develop gadgets that are less complicated and more handy, featuring improved speed and better computing ability. Most trendy users have a wide range of devices today enabling greater flexibility on the go.

Does the following situation sound familiar? You need a file but it is stored on another device. What do you do? You could carry all devices with you or use a cloud storage service which we’ll cover in this article. Let’s think of the scenario at a large company or organization. They need dynamic mobility so that multiple users can access the target files from anywhere, using their own PC, smartphones or tablets and collaborate easily for an efficient team work.

The good news is we have a smart solution these days, particularly for the users and companies requiring multiple user access to a data server. Yes, I’m speaking of a virtual drive that is provided by the online cloud storage providers. Let’s take an insight into the best five cloud storage providers that support multiuser usability.

Top 5 Multiuser Cloud Storage Providers

UnlimitedStorage$ 4.49Price monthly$ 53.88Price per year 60 GBStorage$ 7.49Price monthly$ 74.99Price per year 1000 GBStorage$ 9.99Price monthly$ 99Price per year 100 GBStorage$ 1.99Price monthly$ 23.88Price per year 20 GBStoragePrice monthly$ 10Price per year
Sync Sync Sync Sync Sync
Sharing Sharing Sharing Sharing Sharing
Free Storage Free Storage 2 GBFree Storage 5 GBFree Storage 7 GBFree Storage
14 days free trial 30 days free trial days free trial days free trial days free trial
1machines Unlimitedmachines Unlimitedmachines Unlimitedmachines Unlimitedmachines
System System System System System
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JustCloud is one of those cloud storage services which provide exactly what they promise to offer. With its excellent features and attractive offers, JustCloud has recently become a competitive company in the industry. This service also works perfectly in backing up your data with automated file synchronization across mutliple devices. JustCloud offers multi-platform capability, which means you don’t have to waste a minute to think of whether this is going to work on your device or not.

Speaking of the multiuser usability, JustCloud has a well-designed business package that lets you purchase a customized plan including how many users you want in your network and how much storage volume you allow per head.

The preset business plan offers 500GB of storage space for 20 computers. Though multiple accounts are not allowed for a single storage space, a number of devices joined in the same network can smoothly work in a team project of a company. I know several clients who use JustCloud successfully for their business so you might think of giving them a try.


  • Multiplatform capability
  • Unlimited storage space with 100% automated backup
  • Option to customize data plans


  • No live chat or phone support
  • Limited free features

Pricing Plans
Storage Monthly 1 Year 2 Years
75 GB $ 6.95 Save 29%
$ 59.4
$ 83.4
Save 35%
$ 107.76
$ 166.8
250 GB $ 7.95 Save 25%
$ 71.4
$ 95.4
Save 38%
$ 118.8
$ 190.8
Unlimited $ 4.49 $ 53.88
$ 53.88
$ 107.76
$ 107.76


Like JustCloud, SugarSync also offers a business plan that allows syncing and sharing data with multiple users in multiple devices. With multi-platform capability, SugarSync incorporates Microsoft Outlook plugin that allows several users to collaborate on the same file and speed up the project work. Another unique feature of SugarSync is that it imposes no file size restriction. That’s a problem you’ll face while sending large files through emails or if your business works with larger files (a video production company, for instance)

SugarSync offers a free trial and comes with a reasonable pricing structure. It is a powerful cloud solution for small teams in need of sharing files and collaboration features.


  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook plugin
  • File Versioning & File Recovery
  • Compatible with all popular platforms
  • Free trial period of 30 days


  • Unlimited storage not available
  • Complicated file sharing

Pricing Plans
Storage Monthly 1 Year
60 GB $ 7.49 Save 17%
$ 74.99
$ 89.88
100 GB $ 9.99 Save 17%
$ 99.99
$ 119.88
250 GB $ 24.99 Save 17%
$ 249.99
$ 299.88


Now it’s time for Dropbox. It’s actually the most popular and widely used cloud storage service from amateurs to experts. Its ease of use and uncluttered control panel makes it a must-have among cloud lovers.

Dropbox offers a business plan that allows multiuser usability with 1TB of storage volume. This is incorporated with a unified administrative monitoring, advanced security settings and ability to mark out former versions of any type of file. Dropbox does not pose any file size limitations. As a whole, this is a worthy competitor to pick up from the crowd for easy and better teamwork.



*+File versioning and smooth synchronization
*+Support for all popular OS
*+Reliable servers with zero downtime
*+Intuitive client app



  • Actual file location is confusing
  • Collaboration is not allowed

Pricing Plans
Storage Monthly 1 Year
1000 GB $ 9.99 Save 17%
$ 99
$ 119.88

Google Drive

Google Drive is a brainchild of Google, the leading innovator of this time. Multiple Google features are combined in this cloud solution. One of these is the Google Docs that lets you create and edit documents from your own internet browser. Google Drive also poses an impressive ability to preview a file before downloading it without the need to install an extra app. Read what PCWorld has to say about cloud storage for your SMBs.

With reasonable pricing plans, Google Drive is there to provide better multiuser service in a project or company. This is a service from Google, so you can sit back and relax while your team is efficiently using Google Drive for the smartest team work ever.


  • Powerful collaboration
  • Integration with Google account
  • Advanced sharing and syncing


  • No improved support for third party application

Pricing Plans
Storage Monthly 1 Year
100 GB $ 1.99 $ 23.88
$ 23.88
1000 GB $ 9.99 $ 119.88
$ 119.88
10000 GB $ 199.99 $ 2399.88
$ 2399.88


This cloud service of Microsoft was first integrated with Windows 8. This is a perfect cloud solution for Windows users that is tightly integrated with their products.

OneDrive is destined to provide an outstanding support for Microsoft Office Web Applications. Files stored in OneDrive can be shared and edited easily within the team and the files created with Office apps automatically get uploaded to the OneDrive directory.

This is how OneDrive provides a safe and appropriate backup support for your most important files. With a default free space of 7GB, some other paid plans are also available at very affordable pricing. OneDrive can be the best choice to those who love to use Windows.


  • Integration with Office Web Applications
  • Less complicated regular interface
  • App compatibility for prominent platforms


  • Web streaming is not available
  • Isolated installation for Windows 8

Pricing Plans
Storage 1 Year
20 GB $ 10
$ 10
50 GB $ 25
$ 25
100 GB $ 50
$ 50

Using multiple devices has become a trend among tech-lovers these days. At the same time, multi-user compatibility has become a necessity in the completion of a successful project or team work.

 Cloud storage services can ease the pain if you need to make file accessible for your team. It will bring mobility and flexibility  to your life as well as facilitate the participation of multiple users. Feel free to enter the virtual arena of the cloud revolution and touch the sky!