Crashplan Review


Storing your essential files in a secured server over the Internet may seem like an ordinary concept. However, it has always been a surprise for the unique features, attributes, and configurations that have turned up on this niche. CrashPlan, a company based on the city of Minneapolis, has introduced an innovation by accumulating a social aspect to online backup which helps you to use your friends’ PC as safekeeping locations.

With the facility of uninterrupted backup, versatile backup sets, high-grade encryption along with home backup, CrashPlan ends up being a fairly competent online backup service. CrashPlan is additionally one out of those online backup services that offers unlimited backup plans including support for network and external drives.

Welcome to Crashplan

Platform Compatibility

CrashPlan is compatible with all the leading platforms including OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris OS. They have also developed an intuitive mobile app to be connected with your data and this app also has multiple platform compatibility including iOS, Windows Phone, Android. These mobile apps let you access to any file that you have backed up on a CrashPlan server.

Key Features

CrashPlan is an automatic online backup service that provides an incremental and selective backup process with auto-updated file versioning. Some of the basic features of CrashPlan are mentioned here:

  • Multi-platform capability
  • Intuitive mobile access
  • File versioning
  • Native 64-bit application
  • Checking on backup status though email and twitter
  • 128 bit AES Transfer Encryption and 448-bit Blowfish Storage Encryption
  • Multiple backup destination
  • No file size limitation
  • Backup from network and external drives
Crashplan Backup

Pricing Plan
Storage Monthly 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
10 GB $ 2.99 Save 8%
$ 32.99
$ 35.88
Save 12%
$ 62.99
$ 71.76
Save 18%
$ 87.99
$ 107.64
Unlimited $ 5.99 Save 17%
$ 59.99
$ 71.88
Save 20%
$ 114.99
$ 143.76
Save 23%
$ 164.99
$ 215.64

Personal Plan

There are two versions of personal pricing plans. One is non-offline that is named as Local and Offsite and another one is offline that is titled as Unlimited Online Backup.

  • Local and offsite: A free offline version of its client software that allows you to back up locally to external hard drives or any interconnected storage volume and also to friends’ PC.
  • Unlimited Online Backup: Individual package will cost you $59.99 per year for a single computer, which is a bit less than most of the leading competitors in the market. It also provides a trial offer of CrashPlan+ for one month that gives you 10GB of online storage without the hassle of advertisements. If you need to back up a few computers, then you should go for the Family package that provides you with unlimited backup storage for more than two computers at a price as low as $149.99 per year.

Business Plan

The pricing plans for Business is also for unlimited data storage. This plan lets you to protect all business data by backing up as much as 200 computers in your firm. And for this secured backup service you have to pay as low as $9.99 per month for a single computer.


Signing up and Installation

CrashPlan Client Application is 31MB and you have to agree to the User Policy and License and select a folder to install CrashPlan. The application needs an account to start off. If you have already signed up in CrashPlan and have an account, then all you need to do is to log in. But, in the case when you haven’t signed up first in the Web, this application provides an option to process your signup. CrashPlan checks your password strength which is an important fact for the security of your account. This feature is sometimes overlooked by some leading online backup services.

Crashplan File Selection

For the Mac users, the installation of CrashPlan is not tough at all. When installing in Mac, a wizard like package installer is used instead of the former dragging of a DMG to the Applications folder. When CrashPlan gets installed in your Mac, you will have an identical Client Application (with Apple-Style Controls) just like the Windows.

User Interface

CrashPlan has a well-built, user friendly green control panel in its client software. It shows a button that starts the backup process and a field to choose the destination folder. One the left the sidebar contains a few vertical tabs including Backup, Restore, History, Settings, Friends, and Destinations. Like most other applications that you have installed in you system, CrashPlan places an icon on the system tray that display the status of operation. As a whole, the client application is developed in such a way that it looks intuitive and pretty well-organized.

Crashplan Restore

Mobile Access

CrashPlan has developed a powerful and user friendly mobile app for all popular platforms. Accessing your files through this CrashPlan Suits is a breeze. On the left of your home screen, all the devices that you have already backed up are listed. Selecting a device shows all the folders that are included in your backups. Simple browse the folders, search for the file, open it, and you will have the file downloaded in your phone.

This mobile suit is not only for downloading the files, you can also check on the present status of your backup process, which is pretty handy when you have a large volume to back up. Read on Cloud Tweaks, how to protect your financial data.

Though CrashPlan mobile app is developed for various platforms, the iPad version is preferred the most since it has a neat interface and it is comfortable to work on any documents.


  • „  Unlimited online backup storage
  • „  External and network drive backup
  • „  Numerous backup sets
  • „  Local backup
  • „  Continuous immediate backup
  • „  Easy restoration of files


  • „  No file sharing
  • „  No multiple device syncing
  • „  Advertisements in non-plus version
  • „  Continuous backup isn’t available in non-plus version

Crashplan Security

CrashPlan comes with innovative features including several backup sets and backing up using another computer or external hard drives. What is mostly appreciated is its multiplatform capability, the unlimited storage plan at $59.99 per year and the potential to back up connected devices.

However, it can be an effective backup service for multiple computers used in your business. From every side that is evenly crucial, CrashPlan can be a powerful and flexible solution. If you’re looking for a trusted cloud storage service and plan never to regret your decision later, go for CrashPlan!