Dropbox Review


Who hasn’t heard of Dropbox? Dropbox is a very popular cloud storage service with an extremely simplistic interface. They have a great file synchronization service with flawless performance, particularly when it comes to syncing and sharing a small volume of data. Dropbox offers a very strong encryption process on multiple servers, allowing you to access your files with ease using any smart device with an internet connection.

So what are the features making Dropbox so special in the cloud storage world? Let’s check them out.


Dropbox offers freemium service, meaning that Dropbox Basic, which you’re subscribed upon signing up, offers you 2 GB of cloud storage absolutely free. You can also refer Dropbox to your friends and colleagues and you can win 500 MB for each referral.

Dropbox does not disappoint those looking for more space. You can enjoy 100 GB cloud space at only $9.99/month, 200 GB at $19.99/month and $500 GB at $49.99/month. These paid plans are under Dropbox Pro package.

There is also a Dropbox Teams plan which offers 1 TB of data storage to business owners for up to 5 users under the same account. The price for Dropbox Teams is $795/year.

Pricing Table

Storage Monthly 1 Year
1000 GB $ 9.99 Save 17%
$ 99
$ 119.88

Starting With Dropbox

Visit the Dropbox official website and you can download the software from there. However, the app is not available on the Mac App Store. You can also download the iOS version from the Apple App Market for mobile phones and the Android version from Google Play store. Dropbox is also available for the Blackberry & Windows Phone platforms.

The Magic Folder

Once you’ve downloaded the software and have installed it on your device, you can sign in with your Dropbox account user name and password. If you don’t have a Dropbox account, you can create on in just a few seconds. Upon installation, a folder call “Dropbox” will be created on the left pane of Windows Explorer. You can later move this folder wherever you want.

This is the magic folder which you’ll be using for syncing anything to the cloud. You can then setup the preferences and change the location of the Dropbox folder or control the data transfer speeds.

File Sharing

You can share a file on Dropbox in a number of ways. At first, you have the Public Folder. Whatever you put within this folder, can be shared with a simple public link. Select the file you want to share and right click for the Copy Public Link option. The link will be copied to your clipboard. Share this link with anyone you want and the other user can download the files by simply clicking on the link.

A subfolder by the name Photos is also available inside the Dropbox folder. Any photo in the Public Gallery can be shared in the same way. There is a file sharing methods which involves invitation. You can invite a user via e-mail or social networks for shared access to a particular folder. However, for this they must have a Dropbox Account.

You can also provide a direct link of the file to be shared from the Dropbox website. When you share this URL, anyone can view or download the file and there is no need for the user to have a Dropbox account for this. This is a great way to share files and folders with people who are not Dropbox users.


Dropbox uses an AES 256-bit encryption method. This is the type of security used at many local banks all around the world. Dropbox will manage the encryption keys, meaning that the key can be recovered even if you lose it. Dropbox data centers are highly secured as they use Amazon Cloud for data storage. Their mobile applications also use the same encryption level ensuring absolute privacy of your credible information.

Ease Of Use

Dropbox can be termed to be the easiest cloud storage solution available in the tech-world today. Any first time user can learn Dropbox in a snap and users who’ve been using Dropbox for quite some time, prefer to carry on using it with no regrets whatsoever. Dropbox is reputed for maintaining a high customer satisfaction level as they always focus on the suggestions from their customers. They also have a Vote box on their site, where the users can put in suggestions and feedback for the Dropbox developers.


The Dropbox website offers technical support through customer logins. The Dropbox help and support page allows submission of tickets for any service you need.

Other Features

Dropbox is all in all a great cloud storage service with a high profile of features. One of the best things about Dropbox is that it has a very intelligent and intuitive interface. Besides, any file on the Dropbox folder allows you to see the Revisions or modified versions. This is much simpler than SugarSync or similar services, where you can view the change log other than accessing their webpages.

Dropbox has a very efficient web portal too. The Recent Events tab is collapsible, with a list of your recent files which have been added, removed or edited are arranged by date.

Quick Pros & Cons


  •  Smart and fluid file synchronization
  •  Apps compatible with all popular operating systems
  •  Servers record zero downtime and high reliability
  •  Installs in seconds
  •  Supports file sharing
  •  Allows viewing file versions
  • Features a very compact OS integration


  • File collaboration not allowed
  • Confusing original file locations

Dropbox is the most simplistic cloud storage service you could wish for. Whether you are a casual home user or a professional or a businessman, Dropbox can be a great service to route for. Despite the comparatively steep price tag, Dropbox promises high quality and top security to your precious data. For other services, check out the Top 10 list on Cloud Storage Reviews.