How Much Does Cloud Storage Cost ?


Cloud storage is an interesting and useful technology, chances are that you’ll want to know how much  cloud storage costs exactly. To help achieve a better understanding of cloud storage, throughout this article we’ll take a look at various pricing categories.

Best Cloud Storage For Video

Before beginning, we want to make it very clear that cloud storage is not the same thing as online backup.

Cloud storage services allow users to upload files from remote locations, and also offer unrestricted access to those files from any machine or location. In an abstract sense, any cloud storage service can be used as an external drive, made accessible through a web browser.

Online backup services are intended to copy/paste the contents of a machine, then store that content somewhere safe in the cloud. Online backup happens on a predefined time loop (usually once a day), the software scans a computer’s content, copies it and uploads the files that are new to a server. If a file is deleted on the computer, the provider will also delete the same file after a certain time period.

In addition, online backup services do not allow for remote uploads, and only some services allow their users unlimited file access from remote locations.

Check out our list of the top 10 cloud storage providers and online backup services here!

Free Cloud Storage

Let’s take a look at cloud storage services that don’t require any monetary investments from the get-go, and offer their full features right out the gate for free. On our list of free and fair cloud storage providers are Mega, Google Drive and Dropbox.


Mega is a new cloud storage service founded by Kim DotCom (the very same Kim DotCom behind the now defunct Megaupload website). In an attempt to attract a hefty initial user base, the service offers 50GB of free cloud storage — without any expiry date or file size limitations. On the downside, there are numerous aspects where Mega must improve before taking on major players. These aspects include but are not limited to file transfer speeds (which have improved dramatically), service availability, and missing features.

Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15 GB of free cloud storage, with absolutely no limitations imposed on the service, in any form. Google Drive’s storage space is shared between all Google service such as Gmail, Google Plus, Google Docs, etc. But 15 GB still a lot more than other established cloud storage providers offer for free. Areas where Google Drive shines include the ability to preview media directly from a browser, create and edit documents, slides, and spreadsheets.


Dropbox only offers 2GB of free cloud storage to new users, but the amount can be increased using referral sign-ups, at 400MB of additional space for each successful referral. As our review shows, Dropbox is one of the top cloud storage services, but chances are that 2GB isn’t going to be of much use to anyone who uses cloud storage even semi-regularly.

Looking for a cloud storage service that doesn’t skimp on the Gigabytes, but offers a time-trial instead? Why not take Livedrive (14 days) or SugarSync (30 days) out for a test drive.

Free Online Backup

Given that most users have a lot of information that they want to backup online, there are no real viable solutions when it comes to free online backup. Unlike free cloud storage, free online backup plans only serve the purpose of testing the system.

Cheap Cloud Storage Costs

Decided to take the plunge and upgrade to a paid cloud storage service? Most good cloud storage services will provide plenty of space without breaking the bank, here are a few options to consider.

Google Drive offers 100GB of cloud storage space for just $1.99 per month. To our knowledge, this is the cheapest cloud storage plan currently available…anywhere. Moreover, given the advantages that Google Drive holds over most of its competitors, Google Drive’s 100GB plan is among the cheapest and most versatile cloud storage plan currently available.

Cheap Online Backup Costs

Carbonite Restore Options

Our top recommendation for the cheapest online backup service is Carbonite. The company offers unlimited backup space at just 4.92 $/month. Unfortunately, users cannot share their files with other people, nor can they access  files from remote locations.

Best Cloud Storage Costs

After a recent price slash, Google Drive has become one of the cheapest cloud storage providers even when it comes to large plans. Here is the current Google Drive pricing structure:
Storage Monthly 1 Year
100 GB $ 1.99 $ 23.88
$ 23.88
1000 GB $ 9.99 $ 119.88
$ 119.88
10000 GB $ 199.99 $ 2399.88
$ 2399.88

Those who don’t want to use Google as a cloud storage provider, but are still looking for a lot of cloud storage space, Livedrive’s Briefcase service is probably perfect. Livedrive Briefcase offers 2TB of cloud storage space at $16 per month.

Now that you have a better understanding of how cloud storage prices work, free and paid plans alike, feel free to let us know which service you’ve chosen and how it’s faring!