JustCloud Review


If you haven’t heard anything about JustCloud yet, you might just as well have been living under a rock! JustCloud cloud storage is certainly one of the strongest movers of this year. The cloud storage market is very volatile. Many providers come and go on a monthly basis. Therefore, it is very hard to keep track of the recent developments. The UK-based company JustCloud was founded back in 2010 allowing users to upload an unlimited amount of data to their servers.

JustCloud Web Portal Dashboard
JustCloud Web Portal Dashboard

Yes, you heard right – unlimited cloud storage! I don’t know about you, but here at our office we love unlimited cloud storage services because it removes the headache of thinking about how much storage you need, or if you’re running out of space if you happen to expand your music collection. Therefore, JustCloud is certainly one of the best choices if you want to make your first experience with a cloud storage service.

Storage Monthly 1 Year 2 Years
75 GB $ 6.95 Save 29%
$ 59.4
$ 83.4
Save 35%
$ 107.76
$ 166.8
250 GB $ 7.95 Save 25%
$ 71.4
$ 95.4
Save 38%
$ 118.8
$ 190.8
Unlimited $ 4.49 $ 53.88
$ 53.88
$ 107.76
$ 107.76

Why do you need JustCloud?

So, you might ask, why do you need JustCloud and pay a monthly or yearly fee to a third-party service provider? You might as well use an external hard drive and store all your files on it. Well, let me tell you, you are missing out on some great features! Imagine you can access your files from all over the web, does matter where you are! That’s what cloud storage services are for.

JustCloud allows you to upload your music files, videos, photos and other documents so that they are protected from disasters, theft, viruses. Now, but the thing about JustCloud is that you cannot only use it in a traditional cloud storage sense, uploading your files and accessing them from a remote location, but you can also use it in a dropbox fashion: JustCloud gives you a synchronization folder where you can upload your files and access them across all your devices, even your mobile phone is included!

JustCloud's Syncing Folder works better than Dropbox
JustCloud’s Syncing Folder works better than Dropbox

If you need to backup your files you can just use the handy drag-and-drop feature that will allow you to backup any file that you might have on your computer. So, here are the building blocks of the JustCloud service:

Online backup

JustCloud’s main purpose is to backup your files. You might have heard about other online backup services such as Mozy, Carbonite or CrashPlan. JustCloud works in a similar fashion, offering unlimited online backup for your files. I personally like the ease of use of that software. Where some providers clutter the interface with the use list menu items JustCloud software is very clear and concise and stripped down to the most basic features.

The JustCloud Backup Report keeps track of your backups
JustCloud keeps track of your backups!

Cloud storage

After using the online backup feature of JustCloud’s client your files are stored in the cloud so that even remotely access them over the Internet or your computer. So, let’s say, you have uploaded a photo album from your desktop PC at home, but now, you are on vacation and you’d like to access those files with your laptop. You can log into the web interface, or download the mobile app, and view your photos there.

Browser Your Photos with JustCloud
JustCloud Photo Slideshow Feature

File synchronization

You might have heard of dropbox, it was basically the first service that would allow you to synchronize your files over an unlimited amount of devices. JustCloud offers the same features yet the advantage is that you don’t have to juggle with multiple services. If you are a JustCloud customer, you can combine online backup and file synchronization.

Those building blocks are what makes JustCloud unique and this is one of the reasons why I like it so much. Now, there are other services that offer similar features like Bitcasa, but I think JustCloud is of the more well-rounded service overall.

Dropbox like syncing features with JustCloud App.
File Sync Made Easy with JustCloud – I like!

How do I use JustCloud?

I have been using and testing countless of cloud storage and online backup services. And although I work for best cloud storage.net I purchased the accounts myself. That way I can provide you with an honest review. Let me tell you quickly how I set up JustCloud so that it works flawlessly on my system.

I own both a Windows and Macintosh computer. So I purchased two licenses because only one license is included in the standard plan. On those machines are approximately 400 GB of files. With that kind amount of files you do want to sign up for an online backup or cloud storage service that offers unlimited storage space because otherwise it is going to be too expensive on the long run.

Sharing files with my daughter

One of the things I love to use with JustCloud is that I can share files with my friends and family. I often take pictures but I don’t like to upload them to social networks like Facebook. Therefore I use JustCloud to upload the photos I want to share with my daughter into a custom folder and give her access to that particular folder. So, whenever I shoot new photos I just drag-and-drop those files into that folder and then she automatically has access to that folder.

Complete backup of my systems

JustCloud is the perfect solution if you’re looking for hands off the back of your computer systems. While I do have other backup systems in place I use JustCloud as a secondary backup for my system files. The software runs in the background so it doesn’t slow down my computer. I can select files from the menu and exclude certain files or formats that I don’t want to upload. If any of my other backup systems failed I always have JustCloud as a fallback.

Restoring lost files with JustCloud is easy
Restore files with JustCloud

Mobile access of PDF documents on my iPhone

Fortunately, JustCloud provides you with an iPhone app so that you can access your backup stack from anywhere in the world. I upload all my important PDF documents that I frequently need at work and then use the iPhone app to access those files. This is particularly useful if you tend to forget things at home. You can upload the files JustCloud and even if you forget to transfer that important presentation or documents to your laptop you can access its on the go.

Now you know how I use JustCloud. Can you imagine how you would use JustCloud? Please, leave a comment and share your thoughts and ideas! I may get some inspiration and make even more out of that software.

Likes and dislikes

Of course, no software or service is perfect. Therefore I’d like to point out a couple of dislikes or cons that I found over the months of using JustCloud. However, I’m not only listing my thoughts, and also listing things I’ve heard from friends over the Internet and other reviews to give you the best possible idea about whether or not JustCloud is a service for you.

Let’s first start with the dislikes:

  • Annoying amount of emails

I think, JustCloud takes it a little too far with service and offer emails. Yes, I like to get an offer once a month, but twice or three times a week is certainly too much. Also, when you unsubscribe from their email list you have to make sure that you unsubscribe from several categories so that you do not receive any offers or emails. I have already written an email to one of their business developers about that issue but I have not gotten any response.

  • Limited set of free features

JustCloud is one of the most affordable services on the web today. You’ll get unlimited cloud storage for as low as five dollars however, you have to pay for some extra features for example if you want to store files that are larger than 1 GB you need to pay an upgrade. Other services are more expensive but you do not have to pay for any upgrades. So if you just need the basic cloud storage functionality, you’re going to be fine. But be prepared to pay some extra bucks if you need more advanced features.

  • Support doesn’t seem to be very knowledgeable

While researching for this review I read a couple of negative remarks on the web about JustCloud’s abysmal customer support. While you have to take those reviews with a grain of salt (including this one) I did have a couple of issues with JustCloud support as well. Three weeks ago, I uploaded a file however it didn’t seem to show in my backup stack. Then, I contacted the JustCloud support, however, the support agent didn’t understand my issue and I was just redirected from one agent to another until they finally fixed my issue.

What I like about JustCloud

  • Ease of use

All the negative things aside JustCloud remains one of my favorite cloud storage services because it is so easy to use. Personally, I’m a very tech savvy computer user so I like to fiddle around with software to extract the last bit of performance out of it. However, most of my colleagues or friends just want things to work. JustCloud is that kind of software. You install it, choose the files you want to backup, and it just works.

  • All-in-one solution

As mentioned before JustCloud combines cloud storage, online backup and file synchronization. You won’t find a lot of services on the market that offer those three features in one single solution. That way, you don’t have to switch between multiple apps.

  • Fast backups and restoration

In comparison to Mozy or Carbonite JustCloud transferred my files quickly to their servers. Of course, it will always take a lot of time to transfer 400 GB of files. You need to be patients as even with JustCloud it will take weeks or even months depending on your Internet connection until everything is uploaded. I also did some test restores that would allow me to simulate a disaster for example hard drive failure or a virus. The file for selected for restore have all been downloaded fast and in the right order.

Final verdict

Should you sign up for JustCloud? Honestly, I don’t know. I hope I can show you with his review how you can make use of the software and decide for yourself if this solution is worth checking out. I am happy with JustCloud but I’ve also heard people say that it is not the ideal solution for them because they need more adjustments to their backups (most of them were advanced users). So if you’re an experienced user and you’d like to play around with some options or even backup your NAS you might consider a different alternative.

If you’re looking for an easy solution to your cloud storage needs you can test JustCloud for 14 days to see if it’s something for you.