What To Look For In A Cloud Storage Provider


Today, nearly everyone uses a cloud storage service (or two), and the public demand for decent cloud service providers is increasing. Some great cloud storage service providers already adorn the industry; like JustCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and SugarSync.

Do a Google search for any good cloud storage service provider, and a lot of options will pop up. But not every branded cloud storage name will be perfect for you, hence we’ve sorted out the most important parameters to help finalize your decision on a particular cloud storage service. Let’s check them out!

Data Security

Data security is one the most important aspects of cloud storage in an age where hackers, the NSA and everyone in between, are privacy haters. Security is a feature that should be on top of everyone’s checklist while searching for a cloud storage candidate. People use the to cloud store their most sensitive and confidential data, along with personal photos, music, videos and software. Which is why security is such a  vital factor when considering an online storage provider.

It’s important to ensure the cloud service you’re opting for, has multiple data protection features (such as user authentication security and data encryption) in place and is able to scan files for viruses, malware and protect said files from legal/illegal threats.

Server Security

Uploading or storing data in the cloud does not literally mean putting information inside a fluffy white cloud (but you knew that). Data is actually stored in massive server farms located throughout the world. Check the location and the security standards of whichever farm or center your choice of company uses. Find out if the data center is in a safe location, secured against natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes.

Feel free to ask the service provider and learn about the measures they will take if somehow data is lost or corrupted due to a server’s failure. Some companies are experienced in handling customers’ data recovery and such experience is very helpful during an outage (rare as they are).


Choosing a reliable cloud storage service provider means you should be able to access data from anywhere, at anytime. Study the Service Level Agreement of your provider and learn about their service outage records, to ensure that they’re a reliable service provider.

Please also read a company’s Privacy Policy very carefully, and take more than glance at their User Agreement as well, one never knows when an ignored User Agreement may result in a breach of trust between company and customer.

Storage Space

While choosing a cloud service, make sure that it offers an adequate amount of space for storing what you want to store. Most cloud storage services sport a bare minimum of free storage, with Dropbox clocking in as the measliest at  2GB of free storage. But what happens when that free space runs out?

You’ll need to buy some more space, aka, move to the paid plans. Make sure the storage provider is able to provide a plan that’s spacious and fits within a comfortable price range. Most cloud storage services are flexible enough to allow both, and upgrading to a higher data plan usually results in better savings.

Cloud Storage Pricing

Once you’ve ticked off the features mentioned above, it’s time to check out the cost of cloud storage, and as the adage goes, “cut your coat according to your cloth”. There are many cloud storage services that offer great functionality, but some are also highly priced. Before leaping onto any concrete selection, it’s a good idea to test drive using the  free plan first, and then upgrade to a paid plan once you’re absolutely satisfied with the storage company’s services, reliability and features.

In case of the premium or paid plans, the best payment package is usually the pay-as-you-go one, although not many cloud services offer this feature. Depending upon the service provider, payments can be made monthly or annually.

Customer Support Service

A cloud storage company is only as strong as its customer support service — coming across odd accidents, times out, bugs and lost data is only natural in the cloud world. Just like malfunctions, breakdowns and shorts are expected from consumer electronics, which is why most come bundled with warranties.

Many cloud storage providers now offer live chat as a  feature. Which comes in handy when you’re in hurry to solve whatever problem managed to crop up.


All the features pointed out above should be part n’ parcel of any decent cloud storage service. Uploading your most confidential data on any random server and thinking it’s safe, is a pretty risky way of going about securing data. In case you need further help getting started, check out JustCloud, it’s a service that we’ve found to be very user friendly, supportive and fairly priced.

Storage Monthly 1 Year 2 Years
75 GB $ 6.95 Save 29%
$ 59.4
$ 83.4
Save 35%
$ 107.76
$ 166.8
250 GB $ 7.95 Save 25%
$ 71.4
$ 95.4
Save 38%
$ 118.8
$ 190.8
Unlimited $ 4.49 $ 53.88
$ 53.88
$ 107.76
$ 107.76