MEGA Review


MEGA is a cloud storage service launched by Kim Dotcom, who is sometimes called the Bob Parsons in the world of cloud storage. MEGA is the successor of MegaUpload and has more differences than the common features between the two. The most notable difference is the addition of an extra Javascript encryption layer in their website and an excellent user interface created in HTML 5. Let’s check out a brief review of this ground breaking cloud storage service.

MEGA 50 GB Free

Starting with MEGA

To start using MEGA, you need to create a MEGA account. Go to their official website and you can create a free account there. Click on the link to register and provide some basic information. You’ll need to input your name, email, password and click to agree the terms of service. Once the encryption keys are created, you can enjoy the benefits of MEGA cloud storage service.

Registering MEGA

Uploading Data

After creating your account, you can upload any file or folder you want by clicking the file upload button and the uploading process will start right away. A status screen located at the bottom of the site will let you know the progress of the uploading. The whole process is very easy and simple.

Backup Speed of MEGA

Downloading Data

Click on any uploaded file or folder on the MEGA website on your browser and you can download it instantly to your device. Upon selecting the file or folder, the download process will begin in the same simplistic way like uploading the data.

Sharing Data

Sharing files on Mega is extremely easy. Just click on the file you need to share and click on the button for URL link on the right side of the file. You’ll be provided with a URL link. Whoever clicks on this link, can download the file if the encryption key is known. Which means, you need to know the encryption key for downloading the files. Otherwise the person on the other side can never access the files or folders you want to share.

Mega Folder Sharing

MEGA Pricing Plans

On signing up, MEGA offers 50 GB free storage. If you need more space, MEGA has three professional plans with storage limits up to 4 TB.
Storage Monthly 1 Year
500 GB $ 9.99 Save 17%
$ 99.99
$ 119.88
2000 GB $ 19.99 Save 17%
$ 199.99
$ 239.88
4000 GB $ 29.99 Save 17%
$ 299.99
$ 359.88

Features of MEGA Cloud Storage Service

MEGA does not offer tons of features like the traditional cloud storage services. This is mostly because this is a very new service and they’re still looking to get the product a solid platform in the cloud storage world. However, being a cloud storage service, their main focus area is to offer the best online storage service keeping pace with the rest of its competitors in the field.

As of now, their most significant features are the Security and Privacy Concerns. Let’s check out some of MEGA’s best features promising a bright future ahead.

✔ Zero-Knowledge Policy

This is one of the greatest features of MEGA. Zero Knowledge Policy is adopted by many cloud services nowadays and MEGA is using it too. The file encryptions are completed before uploading them and they stay encrypted in the cloud. They cannot be decrypted unless they’re download to your computer. Even the MEGA officials cannot sneak into your data zone. The same promise is offered by SpiderOak. Check out the biggest security breaches of 2013 on Cloud Tweaks.

MEGA Security Encryption

✔ Keystroke & Mouse Motion Entropy

Once you’ve signed up for MEGA, they will provide you an encryption key on the basis of your keystrokes and mouse motion. How they are doing this, I have no idea!

✔ De-duplication of Data

MEGA claims that they will never store the same file on their server more than once. In our personal data, there are unique files as well as files that we’ve downloaded from the online and can possibly exist on someone else’s computer.

For instance, you have a Star Wars soundtrack on your computer, which you’re backing up on your MEGA account. Just like you, someone else might also have the same file on their MEGA account. MEGA will not upload your version of the file and will use that other soundtrack and put a link to it on your account. When you’re clicking on that link to download, that same track from another user’s account will be downloaded.

This is a great way to reduce uploading time and also allows MEGA to save their space. But the question is, since MEGA uses a Zero Knowledge Policy, how do they de-duplicate the data? I really don’t know.

✔ No File Size Restriction

There is absolutely no file size restriction on MEGA. You can upload any file on MEGA, however large it is.

✔ Folder Sharing

Apart from sharing individual files, you can share whole folders with MEGA. The limitation is that MEGA does not allow folder sharing with someone who does not have a MEGA account. If you still want to share the folder, the user at the other end will receive an invitation for signing up for MEGA. In the folder sharing feature, MEGA provides you total control on what the user can do with the data you’re sharing.

MEGA Sharing Link

✔ Bulk File Upload

The MEGA website allows bulk file upload at the same time. The interface is a smooth HTML5 ensuring easier navigation and smooth browsing.

The Verdict

Should you start using MEGA as your cloud service provider? Now that’s a very difficult question. A sensible answer will be – No! MEGA is a completely new cloud service provider and still has a long way to go before it can stand straight and qualify to race with the cloud giants today. It has some excellent features and also suffers some serious lacking.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to store your data, MEGA offers you free storage space of 50GB. Since you don’t have to pay a cent, this is a win-win situation and is definitely worth a try. If you thing the cloud solution provided by MEGA serves your purpose, go for the professional paid plans. You got nothing to lose!