Mozy Review


Data backup is a very important thing we all need to do – be it on our PC or Mac. But the point is, how many of us know how to back up our data in the best possible way? Back in the old days, it was suggested to keep a backup of the entire hard drive of our computer at a weekly or monthly interval. With the increase of hard drive space throughout the last decade, the traditional data backup process is now very impractical. Today the most popular data backup media are portable hard drives or NAS (Network Attached Storage) drives.

Backing up your data to a portable hard drive or to a NAS drive is a very easy process. You can also specify and schedule the backup. The backup software which comes with the drive or a third party service, does the rest. This is a great way to back up your data except for the fact that it has one serious flaw. The physical location where your backup will be store must be absolutely safe. With the severe change in the global climate over the last few years, it would be wise to assume that this is not going to stay valid for long. Tornadoes, floods, earthquake, fire hazard etc. can cause severe damage to your data. Even hard drives are prone to crash and the best option is to go for an online cloud storage, which ensures total protection to your precious data. For backing up the data on your Windows PC or Mac up on the cloud, there are a very few services better than Mozy. Let’s check out a brief review of this great cloud storage service.

Mozy Setup

Quick Pros & Cons


  • Automated Backup for new and modified files
  • Features Mozy Stash – a file sync service under the Home Plan
  • Features DVD restore option
  • Local and offsite backup maintained by Mozy 2xProtect
  • Strong data encryption
  • 2GB free data plan



  • The cheapest plan offers only 50GB cloud space

Mozy Pricing Plan
Storage Monthly 1 Year 2 Years
50 GB $ 5.99 Save 8%
$ 65.89
$ 71.88
Save 13%
$ 125.79
$ 143.76
125 GB $ 9.99 Save 8%
$ 109.89
$ 119.88
Save 13%
$ 209.79
$ 239.76

Key Features

The basic subscription plans of Mozy offer great features which really makes it stand out among the crowd. These are the features offered by Mozy at a basic Home plan of $5.99 per month.

  • Automated Data Backup – Just like Carbonite and many other cloud storage service, Mozy offer automatic data backup in the background. It can detect any newly added file or the ones which have been modified and syncs them to the cloud spontaneously.
  • Access from Web/Mobile – Apart from accessing your files from a computer connected to the internet, you can also use Mozy on your smartphone or tablet.
  • DVD Recovery Option – If you have a huge volume of data backed up in the Mozy server, it’s probably not a very good idea to download these files from the web. You can get them copied on a hard disk and shipped to you. This is an offer under the basic plan of Mozy.
  • Backing up External HDD – The automated backup from Mozy also allows backing up the data from your external hard drives.
  • Mozy 2xProtect™ Local Backup – This is a feature which creates a local backup on the hard drive of your device ensuring faster and more secured data backup and recovery.
  • Mozy Stash – Stash is the file sync service from Mozy. It can sync files and folders between multiple computers and devices.


Mozy Scheduled Backup

Ease of Use

The process of backing up your data with Mozy Online Backup is very simple and easy. At first you have to sign up for an account and download the Mozy software. Afterwards, you can choose the files and folders for backing up. The software features a complete scan of your system finding the files which need to be backed up. Mozy copies all your files to the cloud and stores them securely with strong encryption.

Mozy Backup

After the completion of the initial setup, Mozy runs in the background and syncs the files which have been modified. You don’t even have to check if your files are being synced over and over again. The entire backup process will be carried out in the background automatically.

Mozy Restore


When it comes to data security, Mozy offers top class military grade encryption, which they prefer to call “Tritanium”. Many of the Mozy clients are Fortune 500 corporations and so, this is a security grade which Mozy must maintain. The industry standard is 256-bit AES encryption, of which one part is processed here. Mozy then backs up the data using an SSL encryption of 128-bit. In case of Enterprises, Mozy also offers a selective Blowfish encryption key of 448-bit.

Mozy Personal Encryption

Customer Support

Mozy is well known for its great customer support. Mozy offers phone, live chat and even personalized ticket system for reaching their technical support team. However, this phone or live chat option is available only for the Premium Users of Mozy. Read on Cloud Tweaks the past, present and future of cloud of data storage.

Mozy does not cover one of the largest group of clients in the online backup industry for no reason. They have the EMC Corporation behind them and the main aim of Mozy is to find a way to teak their reputed services. The ease of use, great features and excellent data plans make Mozy a perfect choice for both professional business and household users.