SOS Online Backup Review


How many cloud storage services are there today? You just can’t end counting. There are a lot of cloud service providers that you can choose from, but what sets apart SOS Online Backup from the rest is its backup offer for a total of 5 computers. And this is even available in their basic home plan. Most other online backup service providers charge an extra fee for registering multiple devices.

Another feature of SOS Online Backup which I really liked is that they are one of the very few providers offering live chat support and 24/7 phone support in case of any emergency. If you’re looking for a flawless backup service with the best possible technical support team, check out the features of SOS Online Backup.

SOS Online Backup Features

I have reviewed many cloud services before and none of them exhibited such a comprehensive feature list as in SOS Online Backup. The most basic plan of the company supports backup for multiple devices including smartphone or tablet. The service offers online backup for the Facebook accounts of the users. This is actually a fascinating feature.

If you’re new to SOS Online Backup, there’s nothing to worry because a good number of video tutorials are ready to help your way through the learning curve.

SOS Backup Diskspace

I was very impressed by the company’s offer of recording unlimited file change-log. This ensures that I can retrieve any data in any version as long it has been backed up to SOS server for at least once. However, the storage space is limited in the personal plans and if you’re in need of unlimited storage, you’ll have to choose one of the business plans offered by SOS.

Additional Features

  • Continuous and automatic data backup
  • File sharing with a size limit of 500 MB
  • Data access through the SOS web portal
  • External hard drive backup with Business Plan
  • Automatic missing file archiving with the Business Plan

Ease of Use

SOS Online Backup offers absolute transparency to their services, security and other features. If you’re not into the technical settings, the whole set up might turn out to be a bit overwhelming to you. The website of the company clearly illustrates a comparison among the pricing plans and the users can choose any plan suitable to their needs. This makes it easier to avoid paying for anything that you don’t need.

SOS File Backup

There is something that came as a big surprise to me. SOS Online Backup does not offer a free trial for testing their services. This is a flaw from my view point, because it leads straight to the paid plans without even allowing me to judge or process a basic idea about their services.

I must admit that I was very satisfied with their blazing fast data transfer process and the way the software performed without slowing down the device. It’s a good thing that the service provides information on how much space will be required for each folder making it easier to choose or upgrade to a pricing plan or even skip the plan for backing up some specific files.

SOS Backup Scheduling


SOS Online Backup offers 4 different pricing plans for home users with varied storage limits. If you’re willing to go for a 2-year contract, these rates will be discounted by some amount. If you’re looking to use any of these plans for more than a month, advanced payment will be required for the service term. The business plans from SOS offer 250 GB, 500 GB and 1000 GB packages.

SOS for Home & Office

Pricing Table
Storage 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Unlimited $ 59.99
$ 59.99
Save 17%
$ 99.99
$ 119.98
Save 28%
$ 129.99
$ 179.97


SOS Online Backup provides top class military grade security with 3-tier system. The clients’ data are always protected. They also use an extra password protection system by the name UltraSafe. In this process, the users can specify their own passwords which is accessible only by themselves.

SOS Online Backup has 11 data servers throughout the world under 24/7 maximum security surveillance. Read what has changed in the world of cloud security systems in 2014 on Cloud Tweaks.

Customer Support

SOS Online Backup features excellent customer support with live chat and phone support teams. They also respond through emails. There are web tutorials for the clients who require sufficient information about the services by SOS. There is also a support center with a separate wing for questioning.

Users can ask anything they want to know and instant responses will be received. I have tried nearly all the customer support channels and was totally satisfied with the speed of their responses and solid information.

SOS Download Speed

The Verdict

If you’re a user needing cloud backup service for multiple computers, SOS Online Backup will provide perfect protection of your data up to 5 devices under the same backup plan. The home plan does not offer more than 250 GB, well that’s a shame. It would’ve been better to have some more space, but the business plan covers this flaw offering a higher storage capacity.

The user interface is very friendly. Their live support is very reliable. To wrap it up, if storage capacity is not under question, SOS Online Backup offers quality cloud service to its users with top notch performance at a very affordable price.

It’s not easy to choose the best backup plan from among so many world class cloud service providers. If you’re looking to get the best out of your money, compare and check out the top 10 cloud storage services on Cloud Storage Reviews.