Surdoc–The Largest Free Cloud Storage Service Available


Looking for over 100 GB of free cloud storage? Then let’s talk about Surdoc. What’s SurDoc you ask? Well, it’s a cloud service that unfortunately nearly no one knows about! The company started out in Silicon Valley, and their CEO is Alex Wang. It began operating back in 2011 with $4 million in financial support from the IDG Ventures group.

Surdoc is currently one of the biggest providers of free cloud storage outside of China. SurDoc provides 100 GB free storage after the initial sign up, and is kind enough to offer encryption and a fully featured free service plan.

There are lots of cloud service options out there, but rarely do they offer 100 GB of free cloud space, like Surdoc does. But, it that’s still not enough, feel free to upgrade to Surdoc’s unlimited storage plan or another less generous paid plan. The company aims to offer hassle free backup, while securing customers’ data with SSL encryption.

What SurDoc Promises

In a press release, the company stated:

“SurDoc is the technology leader of secure, cloud-based storage and document technologies, with 100+ issued and pending patents. The company combines ultra-secure ­file storage with crystal-clear document viewing via its unique VisiDoc™ technology and powerful signing/editing and sharing features, within a super-affordable cloud service made possible by their advanced SurCloud™ technology.”

SurDoc has server farms in both US and China. Being a completely new company in the market with a very small budget, you can’t just expect them to pop up and expand unless they come up with something unique. And so, they have been trying to find their spot in the international cloud storage market by offering a good number of shrewd features.

The Special Features

Among Surdoc’s many features, the most notable one is their super cheap prices. Not only do you get 100 GB for free,  you can enjoy unlimited data storage at just $100 per year! In fact, the 100 GB free offer features all the benefits of the paid version. And that includes customer support, syncing for unlimited number of devices along with their patented TruPrivacy™ security technology.

TruPrivacy™ security technology basically turns the uploaded data into encryption keys, and by doing so, eliminates the need for passwords. According to SurDoc, their customers’ data cannot be accessed by any government or hacker.

When the only difference between the paid version and the free version is the storage space, it’s more likely that people will be attracted to the starter package and then upgrade to unlimited once they’ve  filled up 100 GB.

The Drawbacks

So far, the service sounds pretty good. However, not all that glitters is gold, and there are a few drawbacks with the SurDoc that need to be checked.

Firstly, there is a size restriction on certain files. ZIP files cannot be more than 5 GB, and executable programs or similar files cannot be larger than 10 MB. This is rather stifling, because hardly any executable programs are smaller than 10 MB. But on the bright side, there are no restrictions on media files (audio, video and image) or office documents.

Secondly, the company’s marketing looks a bit fishy. Remember infomercial salesmen from the 90s? Surdoc kind of has the same disingenuous vibe to it. I also haven’t never seen so many “™” signs on the website of any cloud storage service before, and there don’t seem to be any checks in place to stop pirated content from being uploaded and shared.

To Wrap It Up

SurDoc is a totally new company with an unproven reputation and small user base. The press page from SurDoc is filled with poor quality and cloud-irrelevant articles, instead of genuine reviews or instructions on why it’s a good choice for cloud users.

However, all these flaws can be ignored if you just need a place to store 100 GB worth of non-confidential data, more free storage space can be earned at 10 GB per new referral. SurDoc works on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. Data can be downloaded or uploaded using either the desktop or mobile clients.

The number of smartphone and tablet users is increasing with every passing moment, and nearly all of them prefer to share and secure their data, wherever they are. The best way to do this, of course, is to keep a synced data backup using a cloud storage service. Even if you don’t need to access data on the move, cloud storage will make sure that your data is absolutely safe and protected.

What’s your opinion? Do you think that SurDoc can ever turn out to be a big threat for the likes of Dropbox and OneDrive? Or is it just another newbie waiting to pack up?

Is the 100 GB lure good enough tempt consumers into using Surdoc? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below. And don’t forget to check out our best rated cloud storage provider — JustCloud.