Top 5 Cloud Features To Look Out For


The best thing about technology is that it’s constantly making our lives easier than yesterday. With the advent of technology, collaboration has also become a piece of cake. We often find ourselves putting something into the Dropbox shared folder. In the offline world, copying and transferring data on a flash drive or SD card or even sending emails with attached files is a very common activity.

The whole point of using the latest technology is to make sure that time and efforts are minimized and collaboration is simplified. That’s where cloud storage leads the crowd – to a simple digital world where all your data are organized, synced and accessible from anywhere and anytime! These are the Top 5 cloud features that you must look for in a cloud storage service.

Automated File Synchronization

Your files should be automatically synced to the cloud server, without requiring you to do anything manually. Your data should always be synced and secured, so that anyone in your team can access them when needed. If you have to drag-and-drop every single file that you want to sync, that’s not really a smart way to do it. The synchronization process should be instantaneous and completed behind your back!

It’s a good idea to go for a cloud storage service with the best file management system. Once you’ve created a file, it will be automatically uploaded to the cloud server. For accessing your files on the go, it’s important that the cloud service provider you choose supports mobile platforms. For viewing or editing your data, while moving from one place to another, most of the cloud storage service providers offer mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows phones. With just a few clicks or swipes, you’ll land on the file you need!

Offline Data Access

One of the major drawbacks of cloud storage is that it is solely network dependent. Whenever there is a network failure, you’ll be deprived from accessing your data. For this reason, experts suggest using a cloud service which allows offline data access. These services usually download the data to a local storage device, whenever the device is connected to the internet. That way, when you’re in an offline state, you can still access the files you need.

Most cloud solutions are web-based and for accessing your data, internet access is a must. Although an internet outage is not a very regular issue, it still disrupts the usual flow of work using a cloud storage.

Permitting Read-Only Folders

It often happens that you’re sharing a particular file with a large team and many of them start complaining that their files are vanishing or they can’t find them. The consumer cloud storage providers are good for both home and office. While sharing digital files with a huge audience, chaos crops up.

It’s important to choose a cloud storage service that allows you to restrict the permissions in case of shared folders. You can change the files to “Read Only” and none of the members in the team other than you can access those files. While publishing sales collaterals or contents like standard operating procedures for an operation, this option can really minimize the pain of management.

Unlimited File Size

Sending someone a massive often means big trouble. We all have that experience when we’re uploading something for sending to someone and suddenly a message pops up saying that the file size has exceeded the maximum limit! Now what? Splitting it into a hundred fragments and trying to send them again is seriously old school.

So make sure that there is no file size restriction imposed by your cloud storage provider and even if there is, it’s large enough to fit in your average sized files.

Data Security

The idea of cloud storage came up with a view to ensuring a higher accessibility and data security. Since the introduction of mobile technology, data breach has become a very common phenomenon. So check out if your cloud service provider offers the highest security measures. Cloud storage will be worthless when your files are not secured. Check out these amazingly secured cloud storage services.

While transferring the data and in static states, the cloud service must offer 256 AES encryption. When your account is accessed from authorized devices or shared externally, control policies should take the lead. Data durability should be 100% with high redundancy for data storage. The data centers storing the data and the encryption keys must be located at distant locations.

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