Why Do You Need Cloud Storage?


Many people have heard about cloud storage but they don’t really know what it is and how they can use it. Not everybody has a background in IT that’s why I completely understand why the notion of sending your files to some cloud storage company is a bit daunting. However, using cloud storage has a lot advantages that you just cannot replicate with an external hard drive, for example. Let have a look at what you can do with cloud storage and why you might need it:

1. Cloud storage frees you from external hard drives

Cloud External Hard DriveOne of the best things about storing your data in the cloud is that it is accessible anywhere you go and where you have an internet connection (even in most developing countries that’s not a problem anymore). There is no need to carry and external hard drive around with you that a) could be stolen, b) could be lost or c) could break in any manner possible. With cloud storage getting your files is as easy as opening a web browser.

2. Sync your files across multiple devices

If you sign up for one of our top rated cloud storage services you can synchronize your files across your laptop, desktop and mobile device. What does syning mean? Well, say you work on an important presentation at the office but you cannot finish it on time. If you save that presentation in your cloud storage folder it will be copied automatically to your mobile device and laptop so that you can finish it while commuting or at home.

3. Share & Collaborate

If you’re using a cloud storage service for your files you can easily share files with your friends and family. Just think about this: you’re on vacation with your children and spouse and you want to show your mother your beach house. Of course, you could upload your photos to Facebook but what if your parents don’t use Facebook? Just send them an email to a folder of your cloud storage service and they can open it right away. Forget large email attachments that never arrive!

If you’re working remotely you can use those shared folders to collaborate with your team mates. Some services even allow to give special access rights to those folders.

4. Save cost

In many cases you can save quite a few bucks if you sign up for a cloud storage service and pay for two years in advance. Most of the time you will end up paying less than with external hard drives – also, your files are automatically backed up – not so on your external hard  drive.

5. Security

Many people are afraid about their files not being private. And rightfully so. The recent NSA scandal has taught us a lot – we are more transparent than we think. Now one could argue if you don’t have anything to hide it doesn’t matter – but I want my files to be private. Luckily, many cloud storage services have proper file encryption technology in place to protect your files from third parties such as the NSA.

Best Cloud Storage Picks

We do use cloud storage all the time but we know that it is very difficult to find the best service. Most services offer a free trial that you can use to test it thoroughly. Here are a few services we recommend you check out:

Try these services and see if you like them

the best

UnlimitedStorage$ 4.49Price monthly$ 53.88Price per year UnlimitedStoragePrice monthly$ 169.99Price per year 1000 GBStorage$ 9.99Price monthly$ 99Price per year
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