Windows Azure Review


Microsoft is one of the most trusted and renowned brands in the IT industry. Although Microsoft OneDrive is the principal cloud storage service from the tech-giant, it also has another cloud service by the name ‘Windows Azure’. Microsoft is itself a million dollar institution serving the business world in a very wide scope, but it’s also innovating in the development of web technologies.

Microsoft Windows Azure is not known by many people it’s a great content delivery network. Using Windows Azure, you can comprehensively host your contents throughout the global network in the most cost-effective way. In our site, we have featured lots of popular cloud storage services and Windows Azure has found its rightful place to our site! Check out for yourself.

A Great Reputation

When a service comes out from Microsoft, you got to respect it. All the services and features offered by Windows Azure are simply unique and gorgeous. Different companies like NASA, Xerox, Boeing, T-Mobile etc. are using these services and it must come as a big surprise if you haven’t ever head the name of Windows Azure before.

Windows Azure has been successfully serving all these super famous companies around the world. This is a clear indication to how Windows Azure has acquired the trust of so many multi-million dollar companies. They are investing their money on this service and are continuing to do so. But why exactly has Windows Azure become so famous? To begin with, Microsoft has created a masterpiece in designing this cloud hosting network. Read on for further details.

What is Windows Azure?

Windows Azure is a content delivery network and practically claims to feature their presence all over the global market. If you think a bit rationally, you’ll realize that there are very few other providers around the world who can truly offer a wider global presence than our dearest Microsoft. The Windows Azure network works relentlessly positioning 24 cutting edge connectivity at different strategic marketing points all over the world.

Check out any marketplace running on internet, and you’ll find at least one Windows Azure data center. They have centers in North America, South America, Oceania, Asia and Europe. Windows Azure has provided it’s the clients the opportunity to stay away from worrying whether their media will reach the users with sufficient speed and low latency. That way, you get a good night’s sleep!

Proximity to Global Market

If market proximity is what you’re looking for, Microsoft Azure is what you need. For instance, all your consumers are living in Melbourne and you could set your origin server in London keeping all your precious web media. This is a quite long distance and users find high latency along with longer waiting time for successful data transfers.

To solve this issue, Windows Azure offers its users the desired media content using media caching through its 24 super strong server connections. Once a request for your media is made, a complex chain of protocols providing connectivity starts delivering the data. The efficiency of this data transfer is simply flawless ensuring maximum satisfaction of the customers.

Microsoft Azure offers extremely fast content delivery with utmost data security. This is how Windows Azure has created a competitive atmosphere with high revenue.

Streaming Media Content

Media streaming is one of the main functions performed by Windows Azure. Azure features high quality media streaming and can be a great tool for media-based companies. Your videos and streaming contents will be delivered to all market classes and using Azure, you can flawlessly manage your media contents.

Microsoft has designed Azure in such a way that it can produce large volumes of complex and high quality data with perfect delivery. Your integrity will be kept intact and loading periods reduced once you’ve started using Windows Azure.

Windows Azure: The Advantages

  • Apart from the monthly and yearly packages, Windows Azure offers Pay-Per-Use package too. Thus you get to pay only for the applications you need to use.
  • Windows Azure features superb scalability allowing you to modify the application instances whenever you need. You can also lower the instances that you’ve added in case you don’t need them anymore.
  • Windows Azure features total uptime and is always available. SLA guarantees 99.95% uptime for any of the hundreds of applications from Microsoft that you’re using.
  • If you face any sort of problem regarding the application instances, the Windows Azure Fabric Controller is always ready to help in recovering your data. This recoverability is totally managed by Microsoft.
  • Windows Azure Fabric controller also manages your applications and scheduled tasks are carried out in the background without bothering you to keep a look on it.
  • The Connect feature from Windows Azure allows on-premise infrastructure integration.

Microsoft Windows Azure is surely not the typical type of cloud storage a casual or business user looks for. But it works impeccably for large scale businesses and can be a great choice if you need to stream and deliver huge volume of media contents over long distances.

If you’re interested to try out Windows Azure, Sign Up for it here. Apart from Windows Azure, there are lots of great cloud storage services that you can check out. I would recommend you to try JustCloud, which is our No.01 cloud storage service and has gained some great popularity in the recent years. Besides, you can also check out SugarSync, Dropbox, Crashplan, Backblaze – which are also featured in our Top 10 Cloud Storage Services of 2014.