Zoolz Review


Zoolz is one of the cheapest cloud storage services which uses the Amazon Cold Storage. Genie9 is the developer of this cloud storage service and they have gone through a few rebranding since they released their first cloud service. Although Zoolz offers services for both home and business users, their services focus on the benefits of business users mostly.

Starting with Zoolz

To start off with Zoolz, you have to visit their official website which is www.zoolz.com and create a free account. They offer a free trial for 14 days allowing you the option to check out their services. Their sign up page does not require any extra information other than some basic contact info.

Zoolz Getting Started

After creating the account, you’ll have to download the Zoolz software for your computer and customize the settings. Zoolz website features both home and business options and you can check out the features of each to see which one best fits your needs.

Installing Zoolz

The Zoolz desktop software supports both Windows and Mac. The installation process is very easy and simple. Just download the installer package and follow through the instructions. Once the installation is complete, you’ll have to sign in with your account user name and password. After logging in, you can set up and tune all the knobs for starting the backup process.

Zoolz Getting Started

Backing Up with Zoolz

After completion of the initial setup, you can proceed with the backup. It’s good to see that Zoolz allows selecting any set of files or folders for backing up. There is also an option for selecting specific files which you might need to be on your instant storage.

Zoolz Advanced Settings

Once you’re done with selecting the stuffs to backup, you can run the backup. The encryption process offers two methods. Either you choose a private encryption key or you can go with the regular encryption password provided by Zoolz. After setting up the backup options, the backup process will start.

Zoolz Data Selection

The entire process of backing up your data with Zoolz is pretty easy. You can add all the file sets you want or entire folders if required. Personally I think the addition of this weird instant storage feature is something that will confuse most users. However, people with an IT background are likely to know about this cold storage method, but the non-IT people – not so much!

Restoring your data

Backing up your data is worthless if you cannot retrieve them when needed. In case of any data disaster, Zoolz allows instant restoration process for your files. Using the web portal on Zoolz, you can also download the files or folder you need.

Zoolz Restore

If you need to restore the files to your computer, the Zoolz desktop software can help you do it. Open the dashboard of the software and click on the restore tab. From there you can select the files to be restored, the location for restoring them and leave the rest upon the client. I restored my data at a blazing fast speed from the Zoolz server, although the data in the cold storage might not get restored that fast.

Pricing Plans


Storage 1 Year
100 GB $ 12.99
$ 12.99
500 GB $ 44.99
$ 44.99
1000 GB $ 69.99
$ 69.99
Unlimited $ 169.99
$ 169.99

Zoolz Mobile Application

The mobile application from Zoolz supports both Android and iOS. They can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and the Apple App store. These apps look alike and allow access to your data just like the web browser. The files can be shared with anyone you want or saved for offline viewing.

Zoolz Mobile

These apps only allow you the access to your data and you can’t edit them. I was really confused with the fact that the same developer Genie9 has developed Zoolz – a cloud backup service and Genie9 G Cloud Backup – an Android app for mobile backup. I have no idea why they are not integrated into one single application!

Zoolz Web Portal

The web portal of Zoolz features all the standard options for a cloud service portal. Using their website, you can access all you data, manage the specific users or upload and share any new data. While sharing, the user can add a password and set the delivery notifications with an expiry data.

Zoolz Web Browsing

Zoolz also features limiting what a user can and cannot do to your data. This is a great option for businesses where all the users are not assigned to make all types of changes to particular data set. Learn how cloud computing is getting cheaper on Cloud Tweaks.

Zoolz – The Pros

  • Compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Can use Amazon Glacier for cheap cold storage
  • Allows private key for encryption
  • Backup seeding with no extra cost
  • Data access from web and mobile
  • Supports backing up external hard drives

Zoolz – The Cons


  • Confusing Instant Storage and Cold Storage option
  • Mobile apps only allow access to the data
  • SSL usage is not turned on by default

The Verdict

Zoolz is the best cloud storage offering Amazon Cold Storage feature at the most economical rate. Zoolz is easy to use and functions perfectly. However, if you’re a regular home user, you should probably look for some alternative cloud storage service as Zoolz offers a much better price for the business users than the home ones. When it comes to business, Zoolz features great options and stands on a competing ground with Mozy Pro, CrashPlan Pro or Carbonite for Business. I think their business plans are fantastic with extra options for setting up your own pricing plan. You’ve got to admit that not many cloud services can offer that!